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 1 Reed House, Hunters Lane, Rochdale, Greater Manchester, OL16 1YL

 Affordable legal products which break from the traditional.

HY Solicitors is a B2B only law firm. Putting business at the heart of what we do means that our services are 100% commercially focussed. Our team is built on having industry experience, enabling us to provide the wealth of expertise and strong business acumen that our clients demand.

Our ethos is to challenge the practices typically adopted by the traditional law firm with the aim of delivering a more specialised brand of legal services. This includes an array of legal products designed to meet certain challenges head-on or to provide solutions for our clients.

To achieve this, we retain fresh and creative principles at the forefront of our thinking. Our values promote collaboration over individualism and innovation over tradition. We take inspiration from outside of the legal profession, including from those that we do business with, and strive to be diverse in our approach to delivering a modern brand of legal services.

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