If you’re looking for commercial law firms in Manchester, then look no further. HY Solicitors is a leading B2B solicitor that stands out from the crowd by retaining fresh and creative principles.

We take a unique approach to legal services by drawing on inspiration from outside the legal profession.

Our goal is to deliver a modern approach and brand of legal services that align with the ever-changing needs of our clients.

With over two and a half decades worth of experience in the legal industry, our team of professional and experienced commercially focused solicitors provide our clients with a wealth of expertise and strong business acumen.

HY Solicitors inspire confidence among its clients by being clear, calm, pragmatic, and solution-driven.

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David Yazdi Director & Solicitor
Dean Hulse Director & Barrister

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HY Solicitors is dedicated to fulfilling all the legal requirements of your business. We are able to provide outstanding legal services with a focus on commercial law with industry-specific expertise to offer support in various legal areas. Our team, comprised of experienced individuals from various industries, are able to provide the wealth of knowledge and strong business acumen that our clients require.

Putting business at the heart of what we do.